World of Tanks

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free to play massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Players enter epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. The arsenal includes more than 600 armored vehicles from America, Germany, the Soviet Union and more coutries carefully detailed with historical accuracy. World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play MMO Action Game, WoT F2P

It features a flexible system of authentic vehicle upgrade and development that allows players to try any of the vehicles and weapons in the game.


The game keeps the balance between realism and gameplay. World of Tanks is not a hardcore simulator; gamers won't have to spend their time on getting used to controls. The game's difficulty lies upon applying your tactical skills and coordinating moves with your teammates.

The game models are nearly identical to their real-life prototypes, and this refers to all game aspects. Game tanks firing rate equals the firing rate of real tanks in training-ground conditions. When firing in motion, scattering appears, and the faster you go, the bigger your scattering is. The number of shells and positioning of elements are identical to real vehicles. Specifications, dynamics and turret turning speed also depend on a chosen model.


- Authentic models and vehicle characteristics make you feel like a real tank commander taking part in a furious armored offensive.

- Action-packed 30-vs-30 PvP Tank battles.

- Mixture of Action, Strategy, Simulation and MMORPG genres.

- more than 600 Vehicles, thousands of upgrades.

- Unprecedented global Clan Wars.


World of Tanks features armored vehicles from Germany and the Soviet Union that were produced and designed starting from early 30's and up to the Korean war. Gamers can have light, medium, and heavy tanks, as well as tank destroyers and long-range self-propelled howitzers. Apart from real tanks, the game includes prototype vehicles, such as the German E Series tanks.


World of Tanks features ranking battles and clan tournaments. There is Global map divided into hundreds of provinces where battles for territories are unfolded. In Clan Wars, there is Global map divided into hundreds of provinces. To start their activity on the map, every clan has to capture one of coastal provinces. If a province is not occupied by others, the clan will get it for free, while an occupied province will have to be fought for.

There are several economic categories of provinces, from basic ones to headquarters. Occupying a common province will give a clan credits, whereas possessing a key province will result in gold benefits. So, headquarters will give most monetary benefits to their owners.

Every clan has a certain amount of chips equal to the number of its members. By putting a chip on a chosen province, a clan shows its claim on capturing it. If another clan expresses its will to capture the same province or if the province belongs to another clan, the two clans are to engage in a battle for it. Clan Masters can declare attacks on neutral or enemy provinces once per day, and a corresponding number of battles are scheduled and take place accordingly.


There are four main resource points: Credits, Research Points, Free Tank Research Points and Gold.

- Gold is probably the most fluid resource. It is like money where it can be used to exchange with other stuffs. Gold is bought with real money, meaning you'll need to pay for it probably using Paypal, your credit card or something similar.
- Credits are earned by participating in battles and the better you do during a battle, the more credits you earn. Credits are used to buy equipment, ammunition, tanks, and also for repairing damaged vehicles.
- Research Points are used to unlock new equipment and tanks in the tech tree. It can be used only on the current tank.
- Free Tank Research Points function the same way as Research Points, except they can be used on any tank.


PLATFORM: Windows, XBox One, PlayStation4, PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X/S, Mac , Steam


Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7 or superior
Processor (CPU): 2.2 GHz
Memory (RAM): 1.5 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista / 7
Videocard: GeForce 6800GT with 256 MB of RAM / ATI X800 with 256 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard disk space: 3.5 GB
Internet connection speed: 128 Kbps

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  1. Bishop April 12, 2014 at 4:23 PM -

    Can you define MMO for me, please? I always thought that first “M” that means “massively” talks about player interaction simultaneously, not about stats checking by profiles or small deathmatchs.. or even non persistent world.
    I’m pretty sure this game, like others on same lane, or MOBAs, shouldn’t be consider MMO. Maybe MOFPS, MORTS or MORPG, but first M should mean something more thank marketing push.

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