GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


HeroWarz sees players step into the shoes of pre-made characters in a battle to try and recover dark shards granting all manners of bad guys unbelievable powers, as well as recovering a girl who may accidentally dream the end of the world into reality. Able to play through different characters with their own playstyles and abilities the game focuses primarily on PVE content but enables PVP through MOBA style gameplay.


- Multiple available characters
- Customizable options with skills and gear
- Exciting fast paced combat
- Acquire sidekicks to help in battle
- Instanced PVE combat
- Free to play


Over five hundred years ago our world as we knew it was destroyed, a great Tsunami washed everything away and submerged the world, this catastrophic event was dreamed into reality by a person known as Ibrahim. The world rebuilt into a different form, but that same fate now has the potential to strike again as a young girl named Maya shares that same ability; locked in a dream she cannot wake from it and it is only a matter of time before her dreams doom mankind once and for all.


The core gameplay of the game revolves around action based combat and story driven content, through extensive PVE stages taking players across the world they will unlock the mysteries of the powerful shards granting their enemies special powers and advance the main storyline. During these instanced battles players will earn rewards, gear, Sidekicks and more as they grow in strength, acquire new abilities themselves and take on even greater challenges.


The current North American release has 7 available characters, a small selection from the full release available in Asia, and more characters will be added soon. Each character has unique skills to help them in combat and their own flavour and playstyle:

Nagne – abandoned as a youth he has been raised as a killing machine, which he does exceptionally well

Mary – growing up in the slums made Mary tough and at night she acts as a vigilante bringing villains to justice with her close combat wrestling and judo fighting style

Audrey – a female soldier she is skilled with a machinegun and explosives, this deadly lady’s heart is in the right place but she has a cold persona brought on from a violent childhood


The main bulk of the game revolves around PVE instances, which are used to not only advance the story but allow players to earn rewards, materials and gear to make them stronger. Pushed forward with NPC given quests players are sent to different locations around the world to try and defeat a key boss that may be in possession of one of the shards, using their power to bring misery to others.

When entering an instance players are put into a staging area with other players who want to complete the instance, when all players have readied up the group can fight together cooperatively trying to take down the hundreds of enemies, sub-bosses and final bosses. The more players there are that are part of an instance automatically increases the difficulty of the instance, enemies and bosses, making more of a challenge. Alternatively players can enter a Private Channel in order to complete the story content solo or with their friends and clan members. At the end of an instance players are scored on their performance and given rewards.


Players can enjoy team based MOBA combat fighting against and alongside other real world players. Here players will enjoy a traditional three lane MOBA map where they must try to battle through enemy turrets and waves of NPC minions, as well as any camps or bosses spawned by their opponents. The objective of the game is to fight your way to the other side of the map and destroy the enemies vault before they are able to destroy yours!


O/S: Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Core i3 or above
Video: Nvidia GeForce 250 or higher


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