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  • New Character for HeroWarz: Mac
  •   HeroWarz has received a new content update introducing a brand-new character: Mac, a ranged gun fighter with strong single target attacks. Watch the trailer featuring Mac below. "Mac is known to have an ice-cold, distant glare that focuses on one thing: the hit. His urban get-up,...
  • First Impressions on HeroWarz
  • Last week we got the chance to check out the current open beta test of action RPG HeroWarz from KOG Games, the publishers currently bringing this title to the western market. It’s a free to play PVE focused isometric brawler style game where you can choose from a handful of different characters...
  • HeroWarz Closed Beta Key Giveaway
  •   This week we'll be giving away Closed Beta keys for HeroWarz, KOG Games' newest anime-themed action MMO. The codes will only work for North America, Australia and New Zealand, and the Closed Beta will take place from May 18 to May 22. To grab a key and reedem it just follow the...


2 Comments - "HeroWarz Closed Beta Key Giveaway"

  1. madrasalach 18/05/2016 at 07:03 -

    Before your giveaway went live they were out of CBT slots.

  2. madrasalach 18/05/2016 at 09:58 -

    My previous comment was mistaken, I misunderstood what the support staff was telling me. It took several hours of talking to their support team but I finally got the link needed to register is on the instructions