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  • HeroWarz Welcomes Izanami
  • HeroWarz Welcomes Izanami   HeroWarz has received a new content update, introducing a brand-new character (Izanami), the auction-house, an option to reroll the passive skill on the costume items, mana soul potions, new costumes and the mystery shop, a feature that will allow players...
  • First Look at HeroWarz
  •   This past weekend we checked out HeroWarz, a free to play action RPG that has just gone into open beta in NA/Europe where players can choose from a variety of customizable characters and battle through dozens of action packed PVE stages either solo or with other players as they advance...
  • HeroWarz Closed Beta Key Giveaway
  •   This week we'll be giving away Closed Beta keys for HeroWarz, KOG Games' newest anime-themed action MMO. The codes will only work for North America, Australia and New Zealand, and the Closed Beta will take place from May 18 to May 22. To grab a key and reedem it just follow the...


2 Comments - "HeroWarz Closed Beta Key Giveaway"

  1. madrasalach May 18, 2016 at 7:03 AM -

    Before your giveaway went live they were out of CBT slots.

  2. madrasalach May 18, 2016 at 9:58 AM -

    My previous comment was mistaken, I misunderstood what the support staff was telling me. It took several hours of talking to their support team but I finally got the link needed to register is on the instructions

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