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In Grepolis free to play Empire management strategy cross-platform game (MMORTS), players build up their small Polis (which means “town” in Greek) into a large city and beyond as they spread their territorial borders across this land filled with ancient Greek Gods, mythos and legendary enemies. There is no client download required for this game and it is completely accessible through your Internet browser or your mobile Android and iOS.

Resource Gathering

The primary objective in Grepolis is the acquisition of valuable resources, necessary to build up your fledgling Empire into a mighty nation. There are four different resources to choose from, three of them being standard resources in the forms of stone, silver coins and wood, the fourth being a special resource; the Gods divine favour. Resources are used for all elements of building; typically structures or units for your armies, resources can be gathered through various specialised buildings such as mines or temples and are continuously produced even when the player is offline.

The Gods on Grepolis

There are five primary gods as seen from the Greek pantheon that are represented within Grepolis; Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Hades and of course Zeus. Each of these canned bestow upon a player for different types of divine power which can help them in various ways, anything from improved resource gathering to boosting unit attack and defence, as well as this they enables the player to summon to mystical units.

A city can only give worship to one God who in turn will grant favour upon your people, the amount of divine bounty that is bestowed is represented by the level of your Temple, the higher the level and more favourable your chosen deity will be.


When units a fight each other in Grepolis there are a number of different stats that come into play, typically the attack and defence values of the two units as well as other mitigating factors such as the weapons that have been used, any environmental effects such as city wall defences, divine power and also random acts of good fortune that can change the tide of battle.


Espionage plays a key role within the game, knowing the size, placement and strength of an enemy army can ensure that you do not underestimate the power of your rival before making an attack can be well equipped defensively if an aggressor is en route to your city. When deciding on whether or not a city is even worth conquering, and how difficult that task might be, espionage plays a huge role.

Wonders of the World

When a server has reached specific triggers then everyone enters the “Era of World Wonders” at the same time where alliances compete to be the first to build the available world wonders by gathering their resources from their owned islands; each successfully built world wonder gives all players within the alliance 5% extra favour. The available wonders are: The Colossus from Rhodes, Alexandria’ Lighthouse, Giza’ Great Pyramids, Olympia’ Statue of Zeus, The Temple of Artemis, Halicarnassus Mausoleum and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Premium Enhancements

There are a number of different premium features that are available to enhance gameplay within Grepolis, for example, an attack planner tool that has been added allows players to create different plans and share them with their Allied members as well as allowing multiple targets. Premium customers can also summon a Phoenician trader instantaneously by using gold and extend the length of time of particular divine powers and reduce their research times.

System Requirement

Internet Browser, Mobile iOS or Android


Free to play MMO Empire Management - MMORTS Free-to-Play


Internet Browser, iOS and Android - Cross-platform MMORPTS

Developed By:

InnoGames GmbH


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