Battlestar Galactica Online

Developed by Bigpoint for internet browsers.


A free-to-play MMORPG that can be played straight from your browser, Battlestar Galactica is the endless war of man vs machine taken from the popular TV show of the same name. In the game you’ll take on the role of a human or Cylon pilot with your own spaceship in this breath taking space combat MMO built with state of the art 3D graphics. Create your own Battlestar Galactica character and command a variety of fully upgradeable ships.


-       Cutting edge 3D browser graphics

-       Free-to-play with options for microtransactions

-       Play ath the humans or the Cylons in this scifi epic

-       Strategic space combat with offensive and defensive features

-       Unlock the lore of the Universe in numerous story driven missions

-       Fight for resources and territory

-       A wide selection of ships that can be upgraded and customized to your preferences


Created by man the cylons were advanced cyborgs that evolved beyond that the human race thought possible, unwilling to serve they took on their creators an rebelled against them. Forty years after the first Cylon War, these rebels have returned to destroy the Twelve Colonies of the humans, sending survivors of the invasion on the run. One such ship is the Battlestar Galactica, along with its motley fleet it searches out the long lost planet of Earth.

Pursued across the galaxy an unfortunate event catapulted both the Colonial and Cylon fleets across the universe into uncharted space, stranded with few resources, the remnants of both fleets now battle for systems to preserve their own, the humans continuing to look for Earth and a means of escape whilst the Cylons doggedly hunt them down to once and for all destroy them.


Come across a number of famous characters from the universe’ lore, both Colonials such as Admiral Adama, “Starbuck”, “Apollo” to name a few, but also key Cylon characters like “Six”, “Eight” and “One”. The story missions will reveal more on these character as well as unlock more about the fate of the Battlestar Galactica itself.


As a pilot in one of the two factions fleets there are a number of available ships that players can choose from, either from the Cylon fleet or the Colonial. These ships fall into the fast and manoeuvrable Strike ships, the bulky Escort ships, and the enormous Line ships.

Cylon Ships:

-       Raider, Banshee and “Fenrir”: These three are the fastest of their chosen ship types (Strike/Escort/Line), built for speed and manoeuvrability they are typically used to run down and intercept other ships. These ship types can further have their engines improved to make them even more swift and deadly.

-       Heavy Raider, Spectre and “Hel”: Built for support, these ship types (Strike/Escort/Line) have improved communications to aid their ally ships. With advanced computer systems these benefits can further help out their fleet.

-       Marauder, Wraith and ”Jormung”: These ship types (Strike/Escort/Line) are the most defensively capable of the fleet, sturdy hulls give increased defences along with some strong offensive possibilities making them very versatile. Hulls can be further improved making the like of the Jormung more of a floating fortress than a ship.

Human Ships:

-       Viper Mk II, Scythe and “Aesir”: The Colonials most sleek and speedy ships (Strike/Escort/Line) their speed and upgrades make them ideal for long-range operations. These ships can have their engines further upgraded to make a more superior ship.

-       Raptor, Glaive and “Vanir”: The main support ships of the Colonial fleet (Strike/Escort/Line) they are built for electronic warfare, to hinder their enemies and aid their allies. With improvements to their computer systems they become formidable support ships.

-       Rhino, Maul and “Jotun”: Able to withstand formidable amounts of punishments, these ship types (Strike/Escort/Line) take the brunt of the battle with their high defences. With hull improvements these ships are ideal for escort and guard duties.


The only way to gain the most vital resources needed by both fleets (Tylium, Titanium and Water) the players must mine small asteroids. Using an installed mineral scanner on your ship you are able to locate an asteroid and scan it to see if it has the desired resource deep within its rock, indicated with a unique colour, then destroy the asteroid either with standard cannons or improved mining cannons and quickly loot the dropped mineral and gather it into your inventory.


OS: Windows XP 32 bit or higher, Mac OS X /(Win98, Windows 2000 and Windows Server is not supported)
System memory: 2 GB RAM
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.3 GHz to 2.69 GHz or equal
Graphic card: NVIDIA 8000 series (recommended nVIDIA 8800 or Higher) or equal
Graphic Memory: 512MB or more
Shader Model: 2.0 and higher
Mouse and Keyboard
1 GB free Hard disk space for Unity-Cache-Data


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