Battlestar Galactica Online, First Look Gameplay With Commentary


In Battlestar Galactica Online you play the role of either a Cylon soldier or member of the Colonial fleet, during a battle within deep space problems with the faster than light (FTL) drive has catapulted the two surviving fleets into unknown space where the war continues.

The main purpose of the game from an in character perspective and also a gameplay perspective is to gather resources for your chosen faction and survive in this hostile environment through ship to ship combat. In the war against man versus machine the victor will be those who control the limited resources and the territories in which they are found.

Check out our gameplay where we walk through the tutorial as a Cylon, one of the many cyborg soldiers that make up the Cylon fleet. A basic introduction of movement for your ship and some quick demonstrations of space combat using targeting reticules and auto attacks and fighting some enemy fighter ships during the big battle sets the backdrop for the storyline.

We got to see how the resource gathering mechanics of Battlestar Galactica Online actually work, with the option to set up mining platforms which can then be defended if attacked by hostile enemies or by using mining cannons to simply destroy smaller asteroids and take the resources for yourself.

A quick scavenging excursion revealed a derelict ship of an unknown Cylon design suggesting a larger story arc to be uncovered throughout the game as you play through the variety of quests given to you by the Cylon NPC known as “1”. Scavenging the ship for items and information not only increases your own resources but brings important information to your faction to advance the storyline.

With relatively smooth controls, albeit relatively basic (not always a bad thing), the bigger let down for this game was the low quality graphics; we really do require much better graphics given the technology available these days even in a free to play browser-based game.

A spin-off from the TV show we’re sure that many fans of the franchise would get some enjoyment out of Battlestar Galactica Online if not just to see how their favourite characters are embedded into the wider story arc.

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