Elvenar is a browser-based and Mobile devices iOS and Andorid, free to play Strategy MMO that puts players in the position of the leader of their own village that they are responsible for expanding, upgrading and training units to defend it from their various enemies. The game offers both city building gameplay elements as well as a tactical hex based combat system that allows players to control individual units in a turn-based fight.


- Play as either Humans or Elves; each faction offering its own unique style
- Improve your village with dozens of available buildings
- Train five unique units for your faction to take into battle
- Explore an in-depth technology tree
- Trade and work alongside other players
- Take on challenging AI opponents
- Tactical turn-based combat
- Free to play game
- Browser-based MMO


At its core Elvenar offers two different styles of gameplay, first and foremost your classic base/city building MMO where players must construct various buildings to help their thriving village grow, upgrading and adding new buildings as they are unlocked through the tech tree. Players will at some point gain access to training up military units, available to use for both offensive and defensive purposes, when players engage in battle it is a fully hands-on turn-based system where they choose each move and attack for their individual units on the hex based battle map.


The two key factions in the game are the Humans and the Elves, though there is currently no faction vs faction elements to the game the choice of factions simply change the look, style and themes of your buildings, units and quests. The Elves take on more traditional fantasy themed forest buildings and magic using units and Humans have a more classic mediaeval style with their units focusing on divine powers.


Players have a number of buildings available to them to help their village grow, utilising the available space each building will take up a certain number of squares and so players will at some point look to expand their available building space. Regardless of faction buildings fall into a number of typical types:

Residences - necessary to increase a villages population, which in turn will allow the player to claim gold as a resource from them, which is used for the majority of features in the game

Workshops - useful for producing key tools and supplies as well as the finest wares for the people, everything from beverages, tools, bread and more

Barracks - required to start fielding an army that can be used to defend your lands as well as attack the various enemies in the world that pose a threat, players can train up a variety of different units

Culture Buildings - from signposts to trees and streetlamps, these decorative buildings will serve to keep your populace happy

As well as constructing new buildings in the village players are also able to upgrade those buildings already placed to make them more efficient.


Combat takes place at various times in a game and when a battle is initiated players get to choose which of their units they wish to join the fight. When battle begins both sides units, represented by a single troop per unit type, start at each side of a hex based battle map. Opponents take it in turns to move their units, positioning them around the various terrain features that can offer cover and extra strategy to the battle. Each unit has its own abilities, melee or ranged attacks, hit points and number of hexes that it can move and so players must be conscious of both their own abilities and those of their enemies.

Currently there is no PvP element in the game in combat focuses on PvE against the challenging AI enemies.


Players can spend Knowledge Points to unlock new technologies from the tech tree, a vast branched web of technologies that will give access to new features, buildings, units and more. Knowledge Points are earned at a rate of one point per hour or players can try to acquire them through in game quests as well through exploration of the world map and uncovering relics.

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO

PLATFORM: Web Browser and Mobile devices



Web Browser, Apple Store and Google Play Store


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