Forge of Empires: The Ringmaster Halloween event

Forge of Empires: The Ringmaster heralds a spooky Halloween event
Forge of Empires: The Ringmaster Halloween event

This year's Halloween season in Forge of empires will let players explore a dark and frightening fairground tent. To uncover this tent, players will need to exchange fairground tickets for special tools in order to clearing the fog that's hiding their path as well as rare treasures. From October 15th to November 4th the Ringmaster will show players around the attractions and invite them to join him for a tour of his misty Fairground. This Halloween's questline will provide 30 rush quests and 21 additional quests, with one appearing each day.

The misty tent will be filled with fog and circus travel cases. Players will have to make their way through it, cleaning the fog with three different tools: A candle, a flashlight and a lantern. These can be obtained by completing event quests. While progressing through the tent, players will find hidden Pumpkins that contain rewards of different values including a chance to win the Daily Special. To obtain the valuable Grand Prize, players have to collect 20 coveted lightbulbs. Tickets can also be found in regular incidents around or in the outskirts of the city. ‚ÄčThe Grand prize this year is the House of Horrors. These branching upgradable buildings are also adding special and creepy new inhabitants, based upon which branch choice the player will make.

In the fairground tent, players will also discover spooky fairground toys which are representing additional short questlines. At the end of each of those questlines, a special reward will be granted to the player. The status of the current questlines and the progress can be checked at the Toy Collection. Players get to show off their progress to their friends and neighbours, by obtaining one of two new themed portraits. These will be given in the main questline. The clown, a special third portrait, is given as part of the collection reward for finding all fairground toys and finishing their questlines.

The House of Horrors comes to town! -Halloween Event 2020 for Forge of Empires

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