Forge of Empires Soccer Season

Forge of Empires Soccer Season
Forge of Empires Soccer Season

Soccer season has started, and Coach Miller needs all hands on pitch. The annual event has arrived, and the training field awaits as it’s time for ttps://" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Forge of empires players to choose their soccer squad.

Participating in the Soccer Event brings a new sense of strategy and competition to Forge of Empires. Users select their team and collect energy drinks in order to direct the ball up the pitch, passing it player to player. Every pass can make a difference; a short pass will use fewer energy drinks, but a long pass will reach the goal faster, so speed and stamina have to be considered with every move! Soccer is a tiring game, and so teams need energy drinks to keep them going. These drinks can be obtained by fulfilling the requests of Coach Miller.

Team selection is key and Player Cards are collected throughout the event to allow some choice in player selection. Each new Player Card will either unlock a new player or increase the level of someone already on the squad. As soccer skills improve so do the rewards that can be unlocked whilst participating in the event. Whilst in training, passes between the team will unlock a random prize from a chosen player, as well as a chance to win the current Daily Special. Users who manage to cross the field and score a goal receive the Grand Prize.

Forge of Empires players can also join this season’s Soccer Tournament. Three tickets are all that’s needed to take part, and these can be collected through Coach Miller’s tasks or by waiting patiently; one ticket will generate every eight hours. Match difficulty can be selected before kick-off (easy, medium or hard) and then captains can choose a line-up that suits their opponent. The soccer stars have their preferred positions, so choosing the right soccer players in the right slot can be the difference between victory and failure.

This event’s grand prize is the Windmill Farm, a chain building made up of the Gentiana Windmill and four Windmill Farmlands. Between them these five elements provide increased Defense and Attack, and Coin Boosts, as well as opportunities to win varying amounts of Goods whilst leveling up the build. There are also upgrades for four exclusive Soccer Cup achievements and seven new event-exclusive portraits to be won.

More information about the 2022 Soccer Event can be found in this video here on

Forge of Empires is available for free in the browser on Forge of empires for PC, Forge of Empires for Android and Forge of Empires for iOS.

Source: Innogames - Forge of empires for PC, Forge of Empires for Android and Forge of Empires for iOS.

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