Forge of Empires Reaches the Contemporary Era

Forge of Empires Free-to-play Strategy Game
Forge of Empires Reaches the Contemporary Era


The Contemporary Era has arrived to Forge of Empires. Players will have the opportunity to experience a new generation of city building, a range of buildings with an Asian theme. Players can also look forward to military buildings to boosts up for their army and a new desert inspired continent map. This addition will introduce new units and new province leaders.

Watch the following video, in which IPeer Kröger, Game designer, explains this new Era.

There is a lot to explore in the new chapter: The players await up to 66 story quests, tailored to their decisions. New and improved units such as missiles and helicopters stand ready, and on the ground, mobile air defense units are being armed. Beside logistics centers, business centers and fish markets the players can now also build computer games companies in their cities.

InnoGames has announced as well that Forge of Empires will host a Halloween event from now to November 5. During the uncanny Halloween Event, players will have the chance to complete special quests in the form of riddles. Jack O’Lantern, the quest master, will reward player’s efforts with awards like: two new portraits or a new building. In the spirit of Halloween a haunted house will be available as a final reward for the first time. Players will also have the option to upgrade or get graveyards.


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