Forge of Empires Archeology Event

Forge of Empires Free-to-play Strategy Game
Forge of Empires Archeology Event

Forge of empires. - The event will begin Thursday, May the 2nd, and runs until May 22nd!

Forge of Empires Archeology Event
Forge of Empires Archeology Event

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Once the Archaeology Event has started, you can access the event window. Grab your Shovel, and let's go!

The Archaeology Event introduces a brand new way to collect some awesome and unique prizes. The aim of the game is to channel your inner explorer, and clear sand from the tomb to uncover precious rewards, such as vases, Golden Idols, and even more tools left behind by other explorers to help you on your way.

Complete quests to earn Scrolls. There are a total of 60 quests. 39 will be available immediately, and then a further 21 will be released with each day. Use these Scrolls to purchase tools to help you clear the tomb. You can also purchase additional Scrolls for Diamonds if you need some!

Upon opening the event window, you will see the cave's layout ready for you to explore. Use the different tools available to you to clear sand from tiles, and advance your way further into the tomb.

Check out the short animation below to see what each tool does:

Brush - Use the Brush to remove sand from a tile. The Brush can only be used on sand tiles, and only clear one tile at a time.
Shovel - Use the Shovel on an empty tile to clear all the sand in this column! However, if there is a stone tile in the way, it will be blocked from reaching any tiles below or above it.
Dynamite - Use Dynamite on an empty tile to clear all of the surrounding sand tiles. Remember, stone tiles cant be cleared at all!

To gain tools, you will have to make use of the scrolls you gained from the event quests. In the Tool shop, you can either buy packages for a discount or single tools for precision archaeology!​

Use the tools at your disposal to clear sand from tiles to uncover buried treasures, however, you can't clear stone tiles, so make sure you plan ahead to use your tools effectively. As you uncover tiles, you will be in with a chance to unveil a vase, more tools (Brushes, Shovels and Dynamite) to aid your progress, or coveted Golden Idols. Hover your mouse over vases to find out what is on offer in each one. Once you've uncovered a reward fully, click on it to claim your prize. Be careful! Make sure you don't advance deeper into the tunnel without uncovering the rewards you want. Once you go too far, there is no going back, and you'll lose sight of the reward.

Once you reach 20 Gold Idols, you will receive the Grand Prize which is displayed at the top of the event window. You can also find brushes, shovels and dynamite buried in the tomb to help you uncover even more rewards!

The Archaeology Event offers you the chance to win a whole host of prizes, as well as some brand new rewards.

World's Fair
In your quest to become a world renowned Archaeologist, you'll find you need somewhere to display your finds to the public. What better way than holding an exhibition in your very own World's Fair. World's Fair is an upgradable 6x4 building with 10 levels to be unlocked. At level 10, the building produces Coins, and gives population, as well as giving Goods and Forge Points when motivated.

The World's Fair and its upgrade kits can be gained through the grand prize and as rewards for milestones in the event quest line. To gain the Grand Prize, you will have to collect 20 Golden Idols. Gold Idols are a special prize to uncover that will bring you closer to the Grand Prize reward. Once you reach 20 Gold Idols, you will receive the Grand Prize which is displayed at the top of the event window.

With the Archaeology event, you will also unlock some unique avatars for completing the quest line:

Intrepid explorers are also able to find Avatars from past events in on their way through the cave!

Finally, you will be able to find another beautiful unique building for your city as a daily prize. The Carousel is a 3x3 Cultural Building which provides a permanent Defensive boost for your city and Attack Boost to your attacking armies, starting at 4% in Bronze and up to 7% in VF for both attack and defense.

Source: Innogames - Forge of empires.

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