Feudal Japan: New Cultural Settlement Expands Forge of Empires

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Feudal Japan: New Cultural Settlement Expands Forge of Empires

Forge of empires from Innogames offer The leading strategy game Forge of Empires has released its second Cultural Settlement. These settlements add to the content available and allow for more playable cultures on the journey through history. This time, players explore the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan and are tasked with leading a clan’s village to prosperity as the village’s Daimyo. In exchange for their help, players will receive rewards for their main city. Game Designers Micha and Kurt introduce the latest settlement in a video:


“The Cultural Settlements allow players to experience and explore new cultures from history, even though the main game has already moved beyond these periods. Following the huge success of the Viking Cultural Settlement and our overall strategy, we are constantly working to provide new and exciting content. We look forward to feedback from players regarding this new settlement and cultures they would like to see in the future,” says Product Owner Stefan Walter.

Feudal Japan New Cultural Settlement Expands Forge of Empires
Feudal Japan: New Cultural Settlement Expands Forge of Empires.

A boat takes players to the new settlement, where clan leader Akechi Mitsuhide will guide players through the series of quests to ultimately gain the trust of the people and create a flourishing village. Like the Viking Cultural Settlement, the Feudal Japan is supplemented by a puzzle element, where obstacles are placed randomly on the map. Players will have to strategize in order to build around these obstacles and create a thriving village. New is the merchant, an unlockable, off-grid building that features three randomized offers per day. Players can choose to negotiate for the item or to dismiss the offer, which is then replaced by a new item offered the following day. The merchant serves as a good way to gather additional Cultural Goods. Playing through the Cultural Settlements allows for different rewards, depending on how quickly a player finishes it and on the number of times a player has previously completed the settlement. Completing the quest line within the specified time unlocks fragments for the Timeless Dojo, which yields coins, medals, goods, units and Forge points.

The new Feudal Japan Cultural Settlement can be played at Forge of empires in browser and in the Forge of Empires mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Source: Innogames - Forge of empires

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