Farmerama Wintertide Lollapalooza

Farmerama Wintertide Lollapalooza

Farmerama Wintertide Lollapalooza

Farmerama free-to-play Farm MMO Game by BigPoint offer you this event Wintertide Lollapalooza, from December 9th until December 21th.

Do you hear the bells jingle? Do you smell pine and fresh snow? Gather your animals around the table and enjoy a board game night with a special guest. Who could it be?

Plant plenty of Wild Cards and collect as many Ball Ornaments as you can to produce Winter Decks and earn great rewards during FARMERAMA’s Wintertide Lollapalooza event!

Source BigPoint - Farmerama

About Farmerama

Farmerama is a farm-inspired simulation and is Bigpoint’s flagship casual title. Players cultivate the land and raise a variety of animals to continuously develop a prosperous farm, whilst building fruitful relationships with other players to generate trade.

Farmerama has incredibly close links to its community to the point that they have an active role in influencing the development roadmap. An example would be voting for which potential new features should be implemented in the game.

Farmerama is a 2D free-to-play Browser-Based MMO game, that gives you control of your own farm, animals and gardens. Farmerama places you into the role of a farmer. You must take care for animals such as rabbits, cows, chickens and pigs. You must also manage your crops, lands, and gardens.

Farmerama is a Browser-Based game, you do not require a large download and can begin playing within minutes. With browser based gameplay, Farmerama is a game you can play anytime, anywhere! Sign up and build the farm of your dreams without all the smells, dirt, and hard work!

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