Farmerama Free Starter Pack

Farmerama Free Items
Farmerama Free Starter Pack

Bigpoint and offer for all the users a new Starter Pack for new players who use our link to win a package wort 15€. Farmerama free-to-play Farm MMO Game by BigPoint from 3rd November until 30 November.

Escape to a greener life and unwind with FARMERAMA, the hit free-to-play farming game! Plant and sell crops, breed cute animals and organize your fields to turn your farm into a thriving success.

Register today and you’ll receive an exclusive FREE package worth €15, containing these amazing items:

• 15 Stars (Used to unlock runes in Tree of Wisdom)
• 40 Super-grow (Reduces plant growth time by 50%)
• 25 Power-feed (Reduces the stable growth time by 50%)
• 20 Suzy's Super-grow (Increases the harvest output from plants/trees)
• 20 Suzy's turbo-mulch (Decreases the growth time of trees)
• 48 hours harvester (Used to harvest everything in playfields)
• 48 hours seeder (Used to sow plants)
• 48 hours builder (Used to place/remove items from all playfields)
• 5 “Ural” Wonder Tree (Will transfer to a random rare tree)
• 5 “Jade” Wonder Stable (Will transfer to a random rare stable)

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Step 2. Simply register from 3rd November to 30th November 2020 Farmerama and these useful items will be automatically booked to your account!

So, what are you waiting for? Cultivate the land, prepare to harvest valuable crops and take care of all the adorable animals in FARMERAMA, the online farming game that’s full of life!

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