Farmerama Free Items

Farmerama Free Items
Farmerama Free Items

Today we are teaming up with Bigpoint, publisher of Farmerama, to offer you this exclusive Free Item packs giveaway.

Timeframe: 24.07 to 30.07
Value of the package: 25 euros

The codes are valid for both new users and already existing ones who have created their accounts through our websites.

The Pack includes:

- stars 20
- goldenbanana 15
- superdung 90
- susisuperdung 90
- treedung 90
- superfutter 90
- cR 50
- snail_upgrade_0 1
- lion_upgrade_0 1

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Step 2. Please visit this Farmerama promo page .

Step 3. Log into your account, go to your main farm and click on the button “?!” in the top right corner of the page. Click on the button “Bonus code” at the bottom.

Step 4. Enter the Bonus code and click the green button to confirm. The bonus items will be booked to your account right away. The code is FARMING.

Information about the FREE Items for Farmerama;

Stars: A main land currency, earned mostly by leveling up and completing Farmer's Society quests, but also in small amounts from events and other features, used for unlocking runes in the Tree of Wisdom.

Golden Banana: The tropical currency, earned mainly by leveling up on Bahamarama, but also in small amounts from various quests and events, used for unlocking new tropical features, land, crops, trees, animals.

Super Grow: The fertilizer used for reducing growing time of your crops.

Suzy's Super Grow: The tree fertilizer that will double the EP collected from your trees, as well as the fruit yield.

Suzy's Turbo Mulch: The tree fertilizer that reduces the tree's harvest time by 35%.

Power Feed: The super feed that cuts the stables and workshops harvest time in half, and is used for coloured breeding.

Cloud Row: A row of items, event themed or unthemed, from the Magical Beanstalk, that will give various rewards, periodically.

snail_upgrade_ (snail_upgrade_0)
Snail stall: a rare main land stable, which allows you to grow Snails. It does not have upgrades at the moment.

lion_upgrade (lion_upgrade_0)
Lion Habitat: A rare tropical stabled, which allows you to grow Lions. It has Yellow (lion_upgrade_1) and Orange (lion_upgrade_2) upgrades at the moment.

Farmerama Free Items Farmerama Free Items value 25€

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