DarkOrbit Galactic Strife Event

DarkOrbit Galactic Strife Event on F2P
DarkOrbit Galactic Strife Event

BigPoint publisher for Dark Orbit Reloaded presents the Galactic Strife evet for DarkOrbit.

Galactic Strife event start next May 13th and end on May 31th

It's time for an all-out PvP battle! Battle and win to gain Reputation, climb the ranks and get valuable rewards during the Galactic Strife event on DarkOrbit. Get additional rewards from completing objectives. Don't miss out on bonus ammunition, the Neikos and Arios ship designs, new PET Gear and ship upgrade modules!

Rattle your foes with the Disruptor! This ship will throw opponents into disarray with its abilities to redirect enemies to another target, disable opponent shields, and disrupt their laser cooldowns! So, what are you waiting for? Play DarkOrbit's Galactic Strife event and show everyone who's the best the galaxy!

DarkOrbit> is a Free-to-Play Browser-based MMO Space Shooter.

Source BigPoint - DarkOrbit Reloaded - Dark Orbit

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