DarkOrbit Black Light Eterna expansion

DarkOrbit Black Light Eterna expansion here on F2P.com

DarkOrbit Black Light Eterna expansion

Bigpoint launch a new Expansion for DarkOrbit the Black Light Eterna you can read all about the update here on F2P.com

Dark machinations are beginning to unfold from the Black Light race. They aim to summon a portal to unleash their mighty influence on the entire galaxy. Take on the challenge to meet them unawares and beat them back!

Play DarkOrbit's brand new Eternal Black Light expansion, featuring infinite waves, ship boosters to overcome Black Light enemies and a new boss NPC in the Eternal Black Light Galaxy Gate. Earn Black Light Shards, Indoctrine Accelerators, craft Unstable Modules and upgrade lasers and be a fully-fledged pilot in the galaxy! This massive update features Unstable ship upgrade Modules, including the limited and exclusive XT10 series, as well as new Black Light Crypt booty boxes and the new Orcus ship and Dusklight P.E.T. designs and much, much more!

Source: BigPoint - DarkOrbit Reloaded - DarkOrbit

More about Dark Orbit

DarkOrbit is a popular space based browser MMORPG by Bigpoint. Like all of Bigpoint’s games, Dark Orbit is a heavily PvP oriented game. The first few zones are safe areas but the rest of the galaxy is a free for all.

Three powerful mining corporations can’t seem to divide the galaxy between themselves and continue to wage perpetual war against each other. New players are asked to chose which of these corporations they wish to join. Each has a different attitude towards their place in the galaxy. Switching factions is possible but not without a stiff cost. The three Mining Corporations are:

  • Mars Mining Operation – Profit seeking opportunists.

  • Earth Industries Corporation – Believe in commitment to the company and shared goals.

  • Venus Resources Unlimited – Their mission statement includes protecting the galaxy and caring for their employees.

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