Dark Orbit Mimesis Mutiny

Dark Orbit Mimesis Mutiny

Dark Orbit Mimesis Mutiny

BigPoint publisher for Dark Orbit Reloaded and F2P.com offer to our audience this nice event for Dark Orbit Reoladed, the event start on 17th March 2020 and End on 31th of March 2020, sure is a good opportunity to play Dark Orbit.

Suspicious beacons are transmitting signals that are causing Mimesis Ships to attack our pilots. Can you protect the EM Freighter to the end to destroy the beacons and protect humanity?

Collect Escort Keys to enter the Escort Maps by completing daily missions or hunting Elite Mimesis NPC squads. Defend the EM Freighter from the Mimesis ships and earn valuable rewards during DarkOrbit’s Mimesis Mutiny event!

Dark Orbit is a Free-to-Play MMO Space-combat Shooter Game where the players can explore vast & alient territories to gather valuable resources.

Source: BigPoint - Dark Orbit

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