Dark Orbit Dispatch Expansion

Dark Orbit Dispatch Expansion
Dark Orbit Dispatch Expansion

BigPoint publisher for Dark Orbit Reloaded and F2P.com offer to our audience this nice new expansion for Dark Orbit Reoladed, Dispatch expansion, the the new expansion will be online next on June 23th launch date.

From the far reaches of space come the wandering Retrievers, ready to sell their services! Whether sending out to collect rare resources or to reenter already completed Galaxy Gates, these Retrievers will help you to increase the power of your arsenal! So, sit back, and let the Retrievers assist you... for a price, of course!

Experience DarkOrbit’s brand new Dispatch content update, featuring powerful new rocket launchers, useful and automated ways to collect valuable resources and engage in completed Galaxy Gates!

Dark Orbit Reoladed is a Free-to-Play MMO Space-combat Shooter Game where the players can explore vast & alient territories to gather valuable resources.

DarkOrbit, is free to play space strategy MMO puts players in the cockpit of their own person starship as a mercenary working for one of the three main Companies in the game: Mars Mining Operations, Venus Resources Unlimited and Earth Industries Corporation. The game revolves around PVE and PVP focused content in a story driven narrative with dozens of maps to explore, enemies to battle and resources to gather. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played through your web browser, however, with its new 3D engine upgrade players that have low spec computers are still able to play in the original 2D mode now on 3D Game.


  • New 3D graphics engine redesign

  • Unique ships to earn

  • Fight enemies; both players and alien invaders

  • Collect resources to sell, trade and use for crafting

  • Create your own ship and item upgrades

  • Various PVP modes

  • Free to play

  • Browser gameplay

    Source: BigPoint - Dark Orbit Reoladed

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    1. Fenrir June 24, 2021 at 9:59 AM -

      Do not play this game , it’s completely ruined , Pay2Win + Full bot players
      auto locking programs make PVP unfair.

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