Conflict of Nations Season 8

Conflict of Nations Season 8
Conflict of Nations Season 8

Bytro Labs and Dorado Games publishers of Conflict of Nations, Season 7 is done and the wait for Season 8 is almost over, Commander.

Over the past few months, the team has reworked existing systems, introduced new systems, and added new surprises. Stay tuned... the next chapter is almost here.

Folllow and we will inform for all the changes you can find on the Season 8 of Conflict of Nations

Conflcit of Nations WW3 - Conflcit of Nations Modern War

A free to play cross-platform MMO, Conflict of Nations WW3 is a modern day real time strategy game where players control their own real world nation and, in the face of a global war, seek to become the strongest world power that they can be by dominating their opponents and destroying their rivals as their influence spreads across the globe.


- Controls a nation from dozens of existing playable countries
- Complete global map broken up into hundreds of territories
- Build up your own controlled cities and manage your industry and commerce
- Field a powerful military forced made up of army, airforce and naval units
- Conduct espionage against rivals to seek out their weaknesses
- Create diplomatic relations with other nations
- Real time PVP strategy
- Track global events through the CQN News page
- Browser title, mobile devices (iOS and Android)
- Free to play

Source: Bytro Labs - Dorado Games - Conflict of Nations World War 3 for PC, or Conflict of Nations World War 3 for Android or Conflict of Nations World War 3 for iOS

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