Conflict of Nations New Map Overkill

Conflict of Nations New Map Overkill
Conflict of Nations New Map Overkill

Conflict of Nations World War 3 Overkill 128 Player Map

Bytro Labs GmbH, a leading developer with Dorado Games and publisher of popular free-to-play MMORTS browser game, today announced the start the New Map Overkill for Conflict of Nations.

Play on the brand new Overkill map, boasting 128-Players competing for dominance in an explosive theatre that has never been there before. New challenges, new strategies: Choose from an array of unique nation setups to put your skills to the test in this ultimate event start today until next 24th July.

Conflict of Nations: World War III - NEW MAP: Overkill trailer

You can expect:

  • Real Time Tactical Combat System allowing you to take command of a World War III battlefield.

  • Over 100 beautifully modeled Modern Weapon Systems such as: Nuclear Submarines, Attack Helicopters, Stealth Fighters, Airborne Infantry Units and many more.

  • Extensive Military Research Tree featuring over 250 individual items to research.

  • Resource driven National War Economy influenced by population density and morale.

  • Beautiful Isometric World Map depicting over 128 existing countries ready for the taking.

Source: Bytro Labs GmbH - Conflict of Nations World War 3

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