Blacklight Retribution, the World’s End is coming


The end of the world is coming, especially for Blacklight Retribution's players. A big update called World's End will be launched next week after the scheduled manteinance and will bring into the game a lot of new contents such as new maps, weapon and a new Assault Bot.

The new contents include:

New Map - Decay: Load up your shotgun and stalk enemies through twisting alleys in the new Decay map. Keep your eyes open for attacks from the ledges and windows above.
New Hero - Chronos: Hack control nodes faster with Chronos. This brand new Hero comes equipped with an auto-turret and an HRV decoy, an ideal load-out for setting traps or standing guard while you hack terminals.
New Map - Trench: Set in an abandoned dig site, this new map features many opportunities for those who prefer mid-ranged combat. Don't forget to pack your rifle.
New Assault Bot:  Dominant agents can requisition a new Assault AI robot, armed with a rapid-fire assault rifle and programmed to destroy. Rack up the kills and lay down covering fire to support your team with this AI partner.
New Weapons: The Snub Nose revolver gives up some punch per shot, but with its low recoil and fast rate of fire, players will be landing more shots on target to secure the kill.

Source of informations: Perfect World press release.


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