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  • Blacklight Retribution: The Good & The Bad
  •   Blacklight Retribution is a fast free to play first person shooter MMO from Zombie Studios/Hardsuit Labs; set in a cyberpunk world the game revolves around team based objective focused battles using a huge choice of weapons as well as a unique Hyper Reality Visor feature to see beyond...
  • Blacklight Retribution:Onslaught is now live
  •   Perfect World Entertainment has just announced that the so-awaited "Onslaught" update for its f2p MMOFPS, Blacklight Retribution, is now finally live. Just yesterday we published an exclusive interview to Mark Hill covering all the new content coming with the expansion. If you are...
  • Blacklight Retribution, Free items Giveaway
  • Perfect World Entertainment, together with,¬†offer this exclusive promotion of Blackligth Retribution, with codes for a one-day unlock for an unreleased weapon, the AK-470, based on the legendary rifle. This pack also includes a variety of in-game customization items and perks....


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  1. alexturner2 February 14, 2013 at 3:53 AM -

    where do you get the code

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