Bigpoint Celebrates Farmerama’s 10th Birthday

Farmerama 10 Years
Bigpoint Celebrates Farmerama’s 10th Birthday

German game studio Bigpoint celebrates the 10th birthday of its popular online farming game, Farmerama. Since 2010, over 50 million enthusiastic hobby farmers have taken up the day-to-day challenge of cultivating their farm and enjoying the pleasures of country life. Bigpoint is now inviting all players to take part in the birthday event and to try out the Birthday Bonanza boardgame. Here they can win prizes and show off their knowledge about Farmerama and its history, answering specific trivia questions about the game.

Bigpoint Celebrates Farmerama’s 10th Birthday Bigpoint Celebrates Farmerama’s 10th Birthday here on

“A lot of work goes into keeping a game continuously successful as it approaches and then surpasses the decade mark. It takes a crew of passionate and hard-working people moving in the same direction to get the job done”, says Agata Kowalczyk, Product Head of Farmerama. “That’s why we would like to say thank you to all our players, but also to our colleagues who made this milestone possible.”

Bigpoint Celebrates Farmerama’s 10th Birthday numbers
Bigpoint Celebrates Farmerama’s 10th Birthday numbers

In the ten years since its launch, thanks to numerous updates and almost weekly events, Farmerama has continuously engaged its players and outgrown the simple farm life by offering 9 different playfield expansions from tropical farms to spooky moonlight fields.

The fun is central in Farmerama, but the team has also been involved in charity work. In cooperation with the Malala Fund, they were able to raise over €300,000 for worldwide projects to bring education to young girls. In addition, several cooperations with charity: water managed to raise over a combined €100,000 to help bring clean water to those in need.

To make sure that players can enjoy Farmerama long into the future, the main focus is moving the game from the dated Flash technology to the Unity engine, so players can rest assured that they can keep tending to and expanding their beloved farms.

Source: BigPoint - Farmerama

Farmerama offers a huge variety of ways to live your life in the country.

It combines farming with animal husbandry, and you can learn your own trade as well!

Produce different goods on your farm, which you can sell or trade on the market, or use them to complete quests and take part in regular special events. The huge number of different quests, events and new content updates will keep you busy and reward you with rare and exclusive items to enhance and embellish your farm.

Interact with other farmers and make friends by sending messages or gifts. Be part of a huge forum community, get the latest news and exchange strategies with other farmers, or just have fun!


- Free-to-play browser-based virtual farm
- Delightful and beautiful graphics
- Different environments to cultivate
- Crazy animal husbandry
- Exciting challenges
- Continual new events and stories
- A variety of trades such as baking and floristry

Read all about Farmerama here on Farmerama

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