Aion Classic Lady Siel’s Call

Aion Classic Lady Siel's Call
Aion Classic Lady Siel's Call Update 2.5

Gameforge’s beloved fantasy MMO AION Classic is growing once again! Update 2.5, titled “Lady Siel’s Call,” arrives later this year and will feature a significant content drop that enriches the game with new gear and instances for PvE and PvP adventurers alike. The expansion will be available to all players for free to all players for free and offers new challenges for those who want to face off against difficult challenges and dive deeper into the world of AION.

When it comes to the update’s standout feature, the Tempus instance takes center stage. It is a rare high-level solo instance, presenting a different challenge for players who can rely only on themselves to complete it. It’s a pivotal new element that allows players to stock up on Abyss points to unlock and improve their PvP gear and take their winged combat to the next level!

For those eager to enhance their gear, the brand-new premier dungeon, Padmarashka’s Cave, promises an exhilarating journey toward power and prowess.

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Update 2.5 Lady Siel’s Call introduces an array of thrilling challenges, rewarding mechanics, and numerous other improvements. The named protector of the Tower of Eternity, known as the Lady of Time, Lady Siel was one of the 12 Empyrean Lords who died during the Cataclysm, which saw the shattering of the Tower of Eternity. Lady Siel sacrificed herself by freezing the Tower and its surroundings in time, thus stabilizing the Aetheric Field. In her wake, Siel’s Relic was formed, a vessel that grants its possessor the power to control time.

Packed with new instances like Tempus, Deathly Chamber, Padmarashka’s Cave, Empyrean Crucible, and Crucible Challenge, Gameforge invites MMO enthusiasts to explore these exciting additions and elevate their AION Classic adventure to a whole new level.

Overview of the new instances in Update 2.5 Lady Siel’s Call:


• Discover the mysterious Tempus, a hidden laboratory used by Tiamat for her experiments on Siel’s Relic. The area consists of the Drana Lab, the Circular Prison Camp (where subjects for her experiments are imprisoned), and the Tempus Workshop, where Time Dilators, devices that can affect the flow of time, are mass-produced by the Drakan.

• Designed for solo players, level 55 and above

• Accessible once a week with a reset every Wednesday at 9:00 AM (CET)
Padmarashka’s Cave:

• Dive into the enigmatic Padmarashka’s Cave, home of the Dramata Padmarashka. The Dramatas have failed to evolve into dragons but are able to give birth to new dragons with powerful combat abilities, making them essential in Tiamat’s plans to form a first line of defense in Balaurea’s war against the Daevas. While Tiamat ordered her Dramatas to abandon their nests due to the encroaching enemy lines, Padmarashka’s motherly instincts would not allow her to leave her eggs behind, even in the wake of the approaching Daeva troops.

• Designed for groups of 2-6 players at level 55 and above

• Can be entered daily with a reset at 9:00 AM (CET)

Deathly Chamber:

• Take on the challenge of the Deathly Chamber! Move along a winding path inside a cave until you reach the magic ward from the Balaur. Stepping through it will trigger a time attack, where players will face a large room with 6 bridges crossing a deep chasm, with success hinging on reaching each room at the end of the bridges and grabbing the treasure chest inside.

• Designed for 2-3 players within levels 51-55

• Available once a week with a reset every Wednesday at 9:00 AM (CET)

Empyrean Crucible:

• Conquer the Empyrean Crucible, an educational institution where the Lord of the Daevas teaches virtues, insights, and combat skills. Originally only accessible to Daevas of the respective Crucible, a part of Kaisinel Academy or Marchutan Priory was also opened to normal Daevas to strengthen their power.

• Designed for 2-6 players at level 50 and above, the Empyrean Crucible is a PvE instance in which group members collectively battle monsters that regularly appear in its circular arena.

• Accessible once a week with a reset every Wednesday at 9:00 AM (CET)

Crucible Challenge:

• The Crucible Challenge can be entered from either Kaisinel Academy or Marchutan Priory. Like the Empyrean Crucible, the Crucible Challenge is a PvE instance where players battle monsters that regularly appear in its circular arena.

• Unlike in the Empyrean Crucible, the Crucible Challenge focuses on developing solo skills outside of group play.

• Accessible once a week with a reset every Wednesday at 9:00 AM (CET)

New Mechanics Introduced in Update 2.5 Lady Siel’s Call:


• A new system that adds extra stats and effects to specific items
• Items can reach a maximum of 2 levels, though some items can only be sanctified up to level 1
• Sanctity is consumed during combat actions
• Equipment can be sanctified through an NPC or an item, both in exchange for Kinah
• In Korean, this feature is known as “Divinity Blessing”

Combat Talent:

• Quantifies a character’s ability based on stats and currently equipped items
• Affected by item enchantments, manastones, sanctification, and set effects
• Stat increases from skills/attributes, Stigmas, and buffs do not affect it
• A ranking system has been introduced to compare Combat Talent with other characters on the same server and across all servers
• Players can earn rewards by achieving specific Combat Talent values

Balaurea Updates:

New world bosses have been added in Silentera Canyon, appearing every Saturday at 11 PM (CET) for 1 hour. Enraged Debilkarim and Enraged Lakhara will make their presence felt.

Item Updates:

• Elite Brigade General/Brigade General (both names tentative!) armor and accessory items added
• Platinum Medals and Platinum Medal Fragments added
• A new Morph Method using Azure Gold Medals is available
• Skill book prices for levels 1-22 have been reduced
• Stormwing’s Essence can be obtained by defeating Stormwing in Beshmundir Temple (difficult), with 7 needed to craft a weapon box containing Stormwing weapons

Fortress Battle Updates:

Adjustments have been made to the amount of Abyss points obtained for each rank, as well as additional award changes.

Quest Updates:

• New missions related to Tempus have been added
• Rewards for quests tied to Tiarkh Testing Lab, Chantra Dredgion, Silentera daily PvP, and Balaurea fortresses have been adjusted
• Quests that previously granted fragments to enter the fortress instances have been removed, and fortress instances can now be entered only once per week
Gameforge is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience in AION Classic Europe and promises further exciting updates and features in the future. Stay tuned for more adventures and challenges in the world of Atreia!

About AION Classic EU: 

AION Classic gives all players the chance to return to Atreia and relive the beginnings of this world-renowned MMO. The servers of AION Classic are open permanently, and the game is being continuously improved by NCSoft.

Thanks to the versatile character creation options, together with the range of playable classes and specializations, MMORPG fans can forge their AION Classic experience to suit their tastes. Players can choose from the four original classes (Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest) and their eight specializations (Gladiator, Templar, Ranger, Assassin, Spiritmaster, Sorcerer, Cleric, and Chanter), developing their heroes along a unique path.

AION Classic unites all European players on one international server, playable in English, French and German. In addition to these playable languages, Gameforge also offers support in Italian, Spanish, and Polish, as with the AION Live version. Players can also take part in numerous seasonal in-game events and enjoy activities only available in AION Classic. Altogether an amazing opportunity for all fans to celebrate the AION experience together.

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