Worlds of Tanks Receives New physics and Sound

Worlds of Tanks Receives New physics and Sound


Today sees the release of update 9.14 for World of Tanks, which introduces improved sound and physics, 24 HD models, an optimized mini-map and a new map for Rampage mode (Ravaged Capital) that takes players to the heart of Paris' warzone during World War II.

The new physics and sound make the warfare more real. Driving is now more realistic and vehicles are more maneuverable. Players can rapidly change direction and control turning radius during movement. The new sound engine, Audiokinetic Wwise, processes sound on a separate core and features between 10 and 30 distinct sound sources recorded from authentic vehicles.

“The major improvements to sound and physics in update 9.14 have been highly-anticipated by our fans,” said Sergey Laptenok, Publishing Product Director, World of Tanks. “All this was made possible with feedback from players, and we have delivered an experience that brings them closer to the action than ever before.”

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