World of Warships Free Items

World of Warships Free Items
World of Warships Free Items

Wargaming and to celebrate Halloween of World of Warships offer this Free Starter Pack for all the new account with our link World of Warships, Challenge for Submarines: 'Play a battle in a Tier VIII submarine before January 31, 2023, and receive a Tier VIII Multiboost.

Invite code in the registration page 'WOLFPACK' rewards the new players with :

200 doubloons
2 million credits
WoWS 7 Days of Premium
6 skilled points commanders.

ID 94 — 'World of Warships with SUBMARINES. Invite CODE: WOLFPACK' (except Russia, Belarus, China).

The new offer, devoted to the great update 0.11.9 which introduces a new ship type into the game — submarines — in our PC game, is avalaible in your account:

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Step 2. Head to World of Warships in order to signup, and add the code in the registration page "WOLFPACK".

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WoWS, From the makers of world of tanks and world of warplanes, world of warships takes the battle to the waves in this free to play action packed naval combat MMO. Commanding your own ships sail headfirst into huge, epic battles on the high seas, command your experienced crew and show your strategic superiority against your enemies.

World of Warships is for PC for PlayStation4 and XBox One consoles the game is called World of WarShips: Legends - WoWSL

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