World of Tanks: The Good & The Bad

World of Tanks: The Good & The Bad


In World of Tanks players control their own WW2 tanks and armored vehicles in fast paced brutal battles with multiple game modes across a wide variety of maps covering different environmental battlefields. You can play in fun PVP matches, level up, unlock new tanks and modify them, the game brings a lot of features to the table, but not everything the game has to offer is great and the game still has a number of flaws, so let’s compare the Good & Bad of World of Tanks.


Wide Variety of Vehicles – Ranging from light tanks to long range artillery, the game has over 400 vehicles to choose from as used by the primary nations that battled during World War 2; each has its own stats, benefits and cons to cover various playstyles

Quality Graphics – Whilst a little bit older, the graphics still hold up well in the game and alongside the general battlemap design and the textures for vehicles, environments and effects, World of Tanks is an immersive experience

External Mods – Ranging from voice packs, user interface tweaks, improved assets and generally some things the official devs haven’t got to yet, the game works with mods that the community has done a great job creating

Arcade Gameplay – World of Tanks is fast and fun arcade action, with the needed MMO elements and customization options, the actual battles themselves are fun shooters with elements of strategy

Steep Skill Curve – The mechanics are relatively easy to pick up and play, but it isn’t as easy to master and brings with it a steeper learning curve that requires skill to improve and reach the top

The Clan Wars – Players can battle it out across a global map with their own clans, fighting for regions, influence and gold rewards; the system also has three different fronts lock to certain Tiers of tanks so anyone can contribute to the war effort


Forcing Purchases – In order to climb the technology tree and unlock new tanks, players actually have to purchase and then upgrade the trees’ previous tanks, meaning that players are constantly being forced to waste their currency and buy tanks and their modules when they don’t even want them

Limited Maps – There just aren’t enough maps in the game, whilst they are tweaked from time to time, new maps take a long time to come around and being on the same handful of maps all the time gets quite boring

Tier Matchmaking – The matchmaking system is all over the place, with no skill based matchmaking, or tank Tier matchmaking, it means players in lower tier tanks can end up matched up against high tier tanks giving them little chance to actually win if the opposing players have any competence

Too Few Game Modes – There’s only 3 game modes, locked to a handful of maps, that all revolve around capturing bases: both teams have to capture the enemy base, one team controls a base and must defend whilst the other attacks, or both teams fight to control a neutral base

Gold Ammo – You are able to spend real cash on premium “Gold Ammo” which has high penetration stats and can destroy enemy tanks easy, it is the essence of pay to win (though still requires skill to hit) and makes those tanks that depend on their high Armor to be valid pretty redundant

Spotting System – Tanks can hide in terrain to ambush enemies, when “spotted” tanks will appear on the map, however there’s plenty of “camouflage” skills and modules that essentially make tanks completely invisible, which we think is kind of ridiculous for a WW2 simulator

Any thoughts on the article? Got more to add? Let us know in the comments.


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2 Comments - "World of Tanks: The Good & The Bad"

  1. Old Tanker February 10, 2016 at 1:33 PM -

    I am afraid that person, who made that list didnt play much.

    Tanks can’t be invisible… Spotting system can give sometimes strange results, but it is far from invisible tanks. All these skills and items don’t make tank invisible, their effect is pretty limited, They just lower a little distance (I think max change is less then 20 prc.) from which you can spot enemy tank. Also now good hiding spots are so few that if you really know maps, you now where enemy is hiding.

    Also, gold ammo can be also bought for normal ingame credits that you make while playing. Although it is many times more expensive then normal ammo. Buying it for real money is a nonsense. But I agree, it should be removed or at least amount you can carry should be limited so you do not spam with it all the time (some premium tank make enough creds per battle that you can spam with gold ammo and still make some creds on battle)

    And finally, matchmaking is limiting how strong enemies you meet, In case of most vehicles it is max +2 tiers (it is the same in World of Warships). Only some specialized scout tanks meet even higher enemies, but their job is not destroying (or even shooting) but spotting. Still matchmaking is irritating and I would like to see it changed to +1/-1 tier. Just no fun when someone kills you only because his tank is 2 tiers higher. Thats one of reasons I resigned from playing it after more then 2 years. At least half of battles you are underdog and need to hide all the time cause 1-2 hits by higher tier and you are dead… Not good when you just want some fun.

    But biggest problem for me was adding more and more magic guns ie weapons with very high damage or with autoreload that shoot many shells in short time so you can be killed from full HP in a few seconds by one enemy, while you can respond with only 1 shot in that time.

    Just after release there were just 3-4 such vehicles in highest levels and that was OK (not counting SPG). You knew them well, they were few, so didnt spoil fun too much. Now there are dozens of them, also in lower levels, they are in each battle, sometimes even make most of the team so making riskful maneuvres much too often ends in instant death even if you are highest tier in a battle (specially when they use gold ammo). So another thing that killed fun for me.

  2. Rubo February 10, 2016 at 5:12 PM -

    Very few game modes indeed. I wonder when they’ll add new ones…..

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