World of Tanks Tankfest

World of Tanks Tankfest
World of Tanks Tankfest - The World’s best display of Historic Moving Armour.

Come have a blast. Play World of Tanks on all platforms, meet Ferris from the 'Veterans With Dogs' charity and much more

World of Tanks proudly takes centre stage as the primary sponsor of Tankfest 2023, held at the prestigious Tank Museum from June 23 to 25. This is the 12th consecutive year of a longstanding partnership between World of Tanks and the museum. By assuming the role of the main sponsor, World of Tanks reaffirms its commitment to the event's success and its loyalty towards this incredible museum.

Beyond the event sponsorship, World of Tanks extends its support to The Tank Museum's enriching exhibition and education programs. By investing in these initiatives, World of Tanks helps preserve and share the invaluable knowledge of tank warfare with enthusiasts, visitors, and future generations. Their dedication to educational offerings ensures that the historical significance of tanks remains alive and accessible to all.

World of Tank's collaborations with The Tank Museum have resulted in significant contributions in the past, such as creating an education centre in 2013 plus supporting a multitude of restoration projects over the years. They also partnered in 2020 to co-launch Tankfest Online, a pioneering digital event. Another notable addition to the visitor experience is the World of Tanks Gaming Zone this offers a unique history-learning experience. These initiatives showcase Wargaming's commitment to restoration, education, and innovation in promoting the appreciation of armoured warfare history.

This year will be the first time that not only World of Tanks PC will be featured at Tankfest the rest of the franchise will be added to the existing PC Zone. Including World of Tanks Modern Armor, the console version for PlayStation®4 Pro, PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X in 4K resolution. Secondly, World of Tanks Blitz, is available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Highlights Tankfest Online will take place on Sunday 25th June at 13:30h BST and will include all the action live from the arena plus several "special guests"

The World of Tanks team contributes to the Veterans with Dogs Charity, demonstrating their unwavering support for a good cause. By focusing specifically on the Veterans with Dogs Charity, the team acknowledges the vital role that service dogs play in enhancing the lives of veterans.

The team made a video game representation of an assistance dog. Based on Ferris, one of the charity’s community dogs, players can add an ‘emblem’ or a Veterans With Dogs-inspired skin to their tanks.

For every Ferris-related customization such as the Ferris emblem or 2D style purchased by a player based in the EU and the UK between the 20th and 30th of June, World of Tanks will make a donation to Veterans With Dogs. In addition, Ferris, and some of his two-legged companions from the charity, will be at Tankfest 2023, which is presented by World of Tanks and runs from the 23rd to 25th June. He will also make a special star appearance on the event’s Online Historical stream on 25th June at 13:30h BST.

Veterans With Dogs is an award-winning organisation and is the first in the UK to train and provide specialised assistance dogs for Veterans with mental health difficulties. Their four-legged heroes offer so much more than companionship. With their unwavering loyalty, expert training, and unconditional love, our assistance dogs help Veterans overcome mental health challenges. From mitigating the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to boosting confidence and enhancing overall well-being, these remarkable canines provide life-changing support.

We are delighted that World of Tanks has created a Ferris emblem and tank skin. He is a fantastic community dog and representative for our charity so it’s great to see him joining such a hugely popular game! Said, MacLellan, Chief Executive of Veterans With Dogs. “Unfortunately, the need for qualified assistance dogs for current and former members of the British Armed Forces with mental health related issues remains very high. While we have a fantastic network of fundraisers, we are still a small charity, so support from organisations such as World of Tanks will make a huge difference. We are incredibly grateful for their support.”

“We are very proud to work with Veterans With Dogs to bring Ferris into World of Tanks so he can raise awareness about all the good work his charity does. Social responsibility is an essential value within our team and mental health and veteran well-being are two causes close to our heart. It has also been great fun to working on this project to creatively bring Ferris into the game. Not often in my career do I get to ask for a lot of pictures of dog paws. Said Krešimir Gusak, Senior Product Manager, World of Tanks. The VWD team are wonderful people to work with, and Feris is one particularly charming dog, our team have had a lot of fun working on this project.”

Source: Wargaming - World of Tanks

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