World of Tanks Gets Ready for Clan Wars

World of Tanks is the first and only team-based, massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare
Wargaming has unified Global Map and Strongholds within the same universe: Clan Wars. And this new version of the browser-based add-on to World of Tanks is now live in the Europe, North America, Korea and Asia regions. It introduces a hugely expanded map, Clan Wars integration, game events, a new interface and influence.

Players can now earn Influence (a new type of currency) when battling for provinces and then use it to bid on locations, giving Clans a chance to claim any area across the map. This new in-game currency can also be used to raise the Province's income and to purchase Divisions, fully equipped battle units that don't depend on the number of members in the Clan.

WoT Clan Wars F2P1 WoT Clan Wars F2P2

The passion and growth of veteran Clan Wars players has shown us that we needed to create a bigger and better Global Map experience,” said Natallia Pershyts, Product Manager of Clan Wars. “The new Global Map has opened the door for a huge Clan Wars audience. In the future, we are looking forward to bringing this mode to other great Wargaming titles.

Clans can also reap more Province Income via upgrading their ELO rating. The combined revenue of all provinces can be up to three times as much as before, and at max level, the new Global Map will being producing 10 million Gold daily.

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Source: Wargaming Press Release

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