Warframe Launches The Silver Grove on Consoles

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Warframe Launches The Silver Grove on Consoles


Warframe's latest content update, The Silver Grove, arrives in consoles today. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can now enjoy this huge update, which introduces TennoGen (user-created customizations) for the first time on consoles, the newly-upgraded Fusion system, the new glyph system, the Titania warframe, new quests and new customizations items.

“There is an enormous amount of talent within our Warframe Community. Working alongside Steam, we launched our user-generated content program, TennoGen, nearly a year ago and it has been a huge success in highlighting the role and talent of our Community Creators, while also providing them a viable revenue stream for their work,” Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Producer at Digital Extremes said. “Without a similar player-generated content system available on consoles, it took some time to figure out how to offer TennoGen content that is fair to both the Creators and players. We think we've hit the mark and are offering a curated list of items with The Silver Grove update."

With this update, the fusion core system (in-game mods) has been overhauled to be more efficient and easy-to-understand. Players can now transform the mods they don't want into endo so they can upgrade new mods.

Watch the trailer:

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