Warframe: Archwing Arrives to Consoles

Warframe Free-to-Play MMORPG Cross-platform Game A third-person, co-op focused action game at its core

Last month, the Archwing update arrived to the PC version of Warframe. Now it's turn for the PS4 and Xbox One. This extensive and free new update introduces a whole new way to play the game, allowing players to fly freely through space, a new look upon download, new weapons, new quests, new enemies, a new reputation system, and a new warframe.

Check out the trailer:

Main gighlights of Archwing:

Space Combat: a totally new game mode. Players will be able to fly through space and fight.

New reputation system: syndicates, six different organizations that players can fight for. It features unique rewards.

New quests: Ne player quests to deepen the lore of the game.

New weapons: a new laser cannon and a jet-powered throwing mace.

New warframe: a new warframe that wields the power to displace enemies into other dimensions.

New customizations: new sigils, mods and colors.

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