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  • Dragon Pals Christmas Giveaway
  • And another giveaway to celebrate Christmas. We are giving away item packs for the English version (American East servers) of Dragon Pals, the fantasy-themed MMORPG for Internet browsers where you can recruit dragons as companions. If you want, feel free to check out our first impressions...
  • Dragon Pals receives a major update
  • Dragon Pals will be getting a major content update this Friday, September 26th. It will add to the game several new systems and functions, as well as a number of optimization adjustments aimed at improving the character crafting functions in the game. The main highlights of the update...
  • Dragon Pals, free items packs giveaway
  • Today we are teaming up with R2Games to offer you an exclusive free items giveaway for Dragon Pals! Dragon Pals Gift Packs Contain: 1) Advanced Exp. Scroll x5 2) Amethystsx 150,000 3) Voucher x 300 4) Dragon Souls x 1000 5) 99 Roses x1 6)Lvl. 2 Gem Chest x 6 End:...


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    Give it to me lol