Dragon Pals Free to Play Browser-Based MMORPG

Dragon Pals

Dragon Pals

Combining a number of different MMO genres, Dragon Pals is an adventure based MMORPG where players will explore a beautiful and stunning world, take on difficult quests and challenges, immerse themselves in intriguing events and do battle with dangerous monsters. A uniquely stylised game, from graphics to general gameplay, Dragon Pals can be played directly in your browser and is completely free to play.


A world at once protected by mighty dragons who looked after the fragile humans that chose to stay ever under their protection. This world, its people and that very dragons themselves are now in jeopardy as a dark power covered the land with intentions to take the dragons power for itself. Chaos run rampant, the dragons locked themselves away so that their power would not be abused by the evil forces, but now the people are left lost awaiting a hero to guide them back to the light.


-          Three playable classes, each with their own unique abilities and skills

-          Staple features as seen in other MMO’s combined with all-new mechanics

-          Numerous dungeons and multiplayer instances to play through

-          Exciting world events

-          In-depth Dragon pet system

-          Run and grow your own farm

-          No download needed and can be played directly in your browser

-          100% free to play

Playable Classes

 There are three available classes that players can choose from:

The Warrior - strength and vigour is the mainstay of the warrior, able to take an unprecedented amount of damage and dish it back out with powerful attacks

The Mage - using magic to give themselves the edge the mage is the master of the elements, the very sight of these magic wielders is enough to terrify enemies

The Archer - deadly from afar the archer uses their advanced marksmanship and keen eyes to dispatch their enemies from a distance.

 Pet Dragons

Players can discover and unlock their own Dragon pets companions, each with its own unique skills and abilities that can help boost your own classes skills or make up for any shortfall and weakness your class may have. Players have full control over which abilities their Dragon increases when they train them giving an element of customisation to make a more symbiotic relationship between them and their owner. Tied to their owners the more powerful Dragon becomes in turn the more powerful is its own, increasing stats in battle and increasing players’ battle rating.


Characters can choose to exercise, an activity that will increase their own XP boosts. Exercising can  be done for 10 minutes online, which will earn a blessing star for the extra XP, with a max number of stars available. However, characters can also exercise for up to 8 hours whilst off-line, though the experience boost is not as good.

Player vs Player

For those who enjoy pitting their wits and skills against other players the arena offers the chance for players to June each other a maximum of 15 times every day. If you challenge the higher ranked player and successfully defeat them in a dual you will take their battlerank and theirs will automatically be lowered. Dragon souls and amethysts can be earned as rewards in the arena, the higher your battlerank then the higher the quality of your reward.


Players can grow their own crops on their farm to gain XP and amethysts, beginning with three available empty plots in total, each of which can grow a single plant at once, as your farm levels up new plots can be unlocked with a maximum of 12 plots available.

Help out your friends with weeding, prayer and pest control as well as accelerating the time it takes crops to grow, challenge your friends in battle and defeat them and for a set period they will become your servants, giving you 10% profits from anything they harvest on their farm.

Demon Tower

Made up of two individual towers: Heroes Tower and Warriors Tower, each of them has 100 levels to play through and only through completing Warriors Tower can a player venture on into Heroes Tower. Players are challenged to fight and defeat a monster or a boss from each level, but players must advance through all 100 levels in one go, restarting the tower in starting from the beginning each time

Genre: Free to play MMORPG

Developer: R2 Games

Platform: Internet Browsers

 System Requirements

Internet connection and Browser



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