Dragon Pals, free items packs giveaway

Today we are teaming up with R2Games to offer you an exclusive free items giveaway for Dragon Pals!

Dragon Pals Gift Packs Contain:
1) Advanced Exp. Scroll x5
2) Amethystsx 150,000
3) Voucher x 300
4) Dragon Souls x 1000
5) 99 Roses x1
6)Lvl. 2 Gem Chest x 6

End: 6/10/13, 00:00 Server Time (GMT+8)

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo, check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Register on Dragon Pals's official website .

Step 4. Redeem your gift code by clicking the gift in the upper right-hand corner fo the mini-map.

Step 5. Enter your code into the input field and click the Collect button to get your gifts. The items will be sent to your Inventory.


Enjoy the game!


2 Comments - "Dragon Pals, free items packs giveaway"

  1. gom276 12/12/2013 at 13:33 -

    code didn’t work

  2. Redeck 12/06/2014 at 16:22 -

    Give it to me lol