Vindictus has launched its second season

Vindictus has launched its second season, which brings the coastal zone of Melina, opens up 10 more levels for players, going from a level 70 cap to 80, and presents the new raid bosses the Kraken and the Serpent Lord Lakoria.

Also in Melina, players will find a deadly siren octopus and a nasty pirate boss. New dungeons in Melina include lush but danger filled Crescent Moon Island and the Ship Graveyard which hides extreme horror under its watery surface.

Vindictus has also launched a new pets, bears, which comes in three varieties, Brown, polar and panda, that will help the players in his adventures. In addition, Wwth this update, Nexon America has opened service to Australia and Mexico.

Source of information: Nexon America Press Note

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