Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developed By: DevCat Studios (Nexon)

As a member of the “Crimson blades” mercenary unit you are tasked to hunt down monsters in an attempt to reach Erinn, the Paradise that awaits you in the afterlife. In this free to play MMORPG players will slowly discover the storyline that they are destined for as they play through the game.

The action packed gameplay is complemented by the modified source engine, which allows exciting effects such as throwing, shattering and manipulating objects such as binding someone with chains and making armour break apart the more damage it takes.

Main Features

- Spectacular source engine graphics allow for amazing gameplay stunts and unique interaction with objects; use dead corpses as shields and weapons, top all buildings and crumble walls and watch as every slice of the blade meets flesh and splashes of blood.
- Players can party together in a group of 4 to tackle powerful bosses in instanced dungeons, with these dynamic locations the dungeons will vary to ensure a new challenge each time a party enters to complete a battle quest. Take on larger dungeons in eight man raid parties.
- Story driven quests will reveal a wider story arc at the heart of the game, on this journey players are able to take on a number of missions, bonus objectives and Honor that will provide points for players to use to upgrade their own characters’ spells and skills, further revealing more quests.
- Once out of the tutorial zone players are able to fully customise their own characters appearance with a number of face shapes, hairstyles, skin tones and other cosmetics changes. Players can further find their individuality with new and rare gear that they can acquire through the game.
- The game itself is completely free to play, requiring no subscription whatsoever stats

In a land filled with darkness and monstrous beasts where daily life is but an endless nightmare and an attempt to survive it, the inhabitants of this world dream of the Paradise that has been promised to them in the afterlife. The idea of this place of peace and everlasting joy is enough to fuel their lives and give them hope, but until then all the people can do is wait as the generations before them did, and the generations before them, for their black winged deity to finally save them.


Evie - relying mostly on her alchemical and magical abilities Evie isn’t particularly strong in close quarters combat but is a force to be reckoned with at a distance; able to summon destructive golems, revive fallen companions and wield arcane magic to devastate her enemies.

Fiona - and with sword and shield Fiona is a defensive warrior, plant in heavy armour to start with she uses shield abilities to keep enemies at bay waiting for them to reveal a weak spot before striking.

Karok - though this giant warrior is slow in his attacks the large pillar that he wields does an incredible amount of damage. His immense strength means Karok can also wield this pillar as a ranged weapon attacking people at a distance as well is using bare handed offensive attacks.

Lann - swift and deadly land that utilises to twins swords as a duel wielding expert, flurries of attacks leave enemies stunned, however to keep such speed Lann does wear lighter armour making him more vulnerable if hit with melee attacks.

Lynn - a deadly warrior who wields a spear and moves like a dancer. It uses stamina to help her perform a widge arrange of unique attacks. Her damage skills are known as "Swift Assassin" and "Five Fingered Death", both capable of causing massive damage. 

Minimum System Requirement

Processor: Single core 2.4ghz
Memory: 512mb
Graphics: geForce 5600
Operating System: Windows XP
Hard Drive Space: 5GB


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