Vindictus, Episode 2 is coming


NEXON Europe has just announced that the long-awaited second episode of Vindictus Season 2 is going to be officially launched on May 29th. This is going to be one of the largest updates in the history of Vindictus, expanding the game's immersive storyline and introducing new enemies, new areas, and day and night cycles.

With this new update, player will have to face and explore the Twilight Desert while enjoying the  new day and night cycles, with new enemies  who will appear only during the night and new skills and features related to the cycles.

VSEU_2nd Episode_08VSEU_2nd Episode_07

A new mysterious dungeon full of traps and threats will also be available, and players will have to discover the dungeon entrance before it moves.

Source of information: Nexon press release



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