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  • What Would You Change About… Triad Wars?
  • With our newest “What Would You Change About…?” we’re heading to Hong Kong and steppin" target="_blank">Triad Wars from United Front Games. The game is a multiplayer online action game (not an MMO) where players build up their own Turf, engage in...
  • Interview With Steven Ferreira, Designer of Triad Wars
  • Triad Wars is a free to play Online Open World Action game where players get to build up their own Triad gang and territory in Hong Kong. The game features some exceptional open world combat mechanics as well as fun driving content that will be the bases of quest based content. It is now available...
  • F2PMeter: Is Triad Wars Truly Free to Play?
  • We’re putting


2 Comments - "F2PMeter: Is Triad Wars Truly Free to Play?"

  1. Jafarson October 13, 2015 at 4:04 PM -

    ok its free…. but multiplayer??? really???????? how about multiplayer meter? 0.001?

  2. Erictus October 14, 2015 at 9:41 AM -

    I finally uninstalled Triad Wars after 60+ hours of game play and 30+ random game crashes. Was getting tired of repeating same Raids against AI bots in supposedly PvP anyway.
    Would have left it installed on PC and log in to collect Laundered gold daily if it was optimized enough to let players actually play without having to worry about game crashing in the middle of something that causes a defeat and a shame that brings when other players see evidence spray mark on the ground and pay respect to it while laughing how a noob he/she is. You lose “Face” in-game if game crashes on you during raids; you “Facepalm” in real life.

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