First Look at Triad Wars


This week, as you well know, we took some time out to try out the closed beta of Triad Wars from Square-Enix and United Front Games, the company that made its sister title Sleeping Dogs. Set in Hong Kong players step into the shoes of a rising enforcer trying to build up their own Triad by taking out enemy player rivals in a bid to claim resources and territory as they build up their organisation.

In our First Look we checked out about 30 minutes of gameplay including the opening tutorial and some early missions focused on beating the crap out of people, ramming their faces into table saws, having a high speed car chase as we showered pursuers, police and passers-by with a rain of bullets. Check our video to see the game in action and letters know you think in the comments!

And if you want you can also check out our review of Triad Wars.


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