Dreamland Online videos

  • Preview of the new Title system in Dreamland Online
  • Titles are a common reward system in online games. After all, who doesn’t like to crow about their accomplishments? In Dreamland Online, players can earn titles for a variety of achievements. Some even come with an added bonus: stat buffs that can add to a character’s abilities.These unique...
  • Date for Dreamland Online’s Closed Beta
  • Dreamland Online will officially go into Closed Beta on November 21th at 9:00pm EST (GMT-5). Character data will be retained in Closed Beta. No more server wipes, everything you do during the Closed Beta will be kept! Tons of exciting events and rewards await those participating in the Closed...
  • Alpha Test keys for Dreamland Online
  • IGG has started the alpha test of Dreamland Online, and we are offering keys. Get yours here.


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