Dreamland Online screenshots

  • Weapon Combination of Dreamland Online and deluxe Christmas packs
  • IGG has published new info on the special combination system of Dreamland Online. The weapon combination system gives players the ability to enhance their weapons. In a few easy steps, any player can master this feature and become even more deadly in battle. After combining weapons, the subsidiary...
  • Dreamland Online begins its Alpha test (we have keys)
  • IGG has announced that the Dreamland Online Alpha Test will be going live today at 9:00pm EST (GMT-5). The Alpha Test version of the Dreamland Online client is now available. Simply visit the official website to download your very own copy of the game client. We still have some Alpha keys,...
  • Dreamland Online relases its official website
  • Dreamland Online has released its official website today, November 4th. This site will serve as a resource for both game testers and future players, as well as a common platform for the community to follow what’s happening in the game. Take a look through this link.


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