Upcoming Titles patch for Trove

Upcoming Titles patch for Trove
Upcoming Titles patch for Trove

Say goodbye to AverageTrovian, and say hello to Deputy AverageTrovian the Hilarious!

Trove's latest update, Trouble with Titles, will become available for PC only on 4th October. This new feature will allow players to add prefixes and suffixes to the name that appears above their head.

Players will be able to select their prefixes and suffixes using the Title Selector UI, which was previously used only to change the name color. Generic 'Joe' could become Dungeon Runner Joe the Elusive. Simple 'Sammy' might graduate to Admiral Sammy the Angler!

There will be hundreds of fun titles available, which can be obtained in four key ways.

Standard Titles

First and foremost, a new merchant and crafting workbench will appear in the hub, near Crafter’s Corner and the Leaderboard Tower. The Title Certificate Stamper workbench will initially allow players to craft a variety of standard titles, including class and biome themed ones.

Players may also discover 'Certificates of Title' in various locations, such as a nautical title from a rare drop in the pirate-themed biome. These certificates will allow players to craft their newly discovered titles at the workbench and may also be found in lootboxes, NPC stores, and rare drops from earning a prime 'Paragon' level.

Metric Titles

Metric titles will automatically be granted to players upon logging in, once they have the appropriate metric value. Metrics are already used to award badges in Trove but now, many metrics will also give titles signifying milestones that players have reached.

Draconic Titles

Draconic titles will become available based upon the collectable dragons that have existed in Trove for years and the titles that they already carry, like Flakbeard the Relentless.
Depending on the season, the Dragon Crucible workbench will allow players to craft Draconic titles. Unlike others, these titles will be temporary, and their availability will be seasonal.

Lootbox Titles

Lastly, an additional 100+ titles will be on offer within the Terrific Title Trove lootbox. This will be available for purchase in the store and will give players consumables which unlock titles directly.

Additional System Updates

Other system updates will include additional player-made dungeons, equipment/weapon styles, and placeable decoration objects.

The Trove development team have also said that gamers can look forward to improved controller support for PC players, especially improving the experience of switching between controller and other inputs.

“PC players can now experience a better, more supported controller experience in this new update.

“While this feature is still in Beta, players can now easily switch between controller and keyboard/mouse inputs without needing to restart the game. Additionally, players can now have up to four controllers recognized at a time, rather than being locked into whatever controller happens to be recognized first.

“Pull up the couch and get to playing in comfort with a controller.”

Head over to Trove to check out the new Titles patch for PC, live on October 4.

Upcoming Titles patch for Trove Upcoming Titles patch for Trove

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