The update 7.4 has arrived to World of Tanks

The update 7.4 has arrived to World of Tanks, has released the Update 7.4 for World of Tanks that comes with a wide range of new gameplay features.

The update comes with two new game modes - Encounter Battle and Assault. The Encounter Battle mode invites two sides to fight for one base. The Assault sets the players in the roles of attackers and defenders where the former have superior combat capabilities.

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The game's French tech tree armory is significantly strengthened with two new armory lines. Update 7.4 is also intended to challenge the tankers by introducing eight new French tank destroyers capable to induce serious damage and cause problems to the existing vehicles in the game.

Along with the French tech tree expansion, the update presents gamers with serious reinforcements in terms of long anticipated new premium combat vehicles - Soviet made heavy tank IS 6 (tier VIII) and German Jagdtiger, also called JagdTiger mit 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 (tier VIII).

Two more new maps are awaiting the gamers in the update. The first one, Airfield takes the players away to the airfield somewhere in the North Africa. The location is decorated with antique ruined antique temples, palm trees and beautiful Mediterranean Sea sights. Rocky hills provide excellent shooting points for those who prefer "high ground" strategy. The second map called Widepark invites to fight among the half ruined buildings and park location of a badly burned German town. Bums of heavies will have lots of joy by planning deadly ambushes in the dense labyrinth made of the ruins and numerous trees using them as excellent cover opportunities for assault.

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