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For out next F2Peer Review we’re getting our guys and gals to check out Warframe from Grinding Gears, the free to play space ninja PVE co-op that lets them fight at Tenno warriors awoken from a long crysleep to find themselves embroiled in a war with a clone army known as the Grineer. The game offers deep levels of customization, a variety of classes (Warframes), some amazing graphics and exciting and fun combat; but don’t take just take our word for it, let’s see what our readers had to say…

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  • JimSlam: Warframe is... interesting. After playing for a while it’s clear that at the core of it there are some obvious repetitive and grindy concepts and mechanics, but in all honesty provided you don’t want to be overly invested the game is incredibly fun and helps you overlook its issues quite easily. The random maps and the dynamic events combined with impressive graphics go a long way to making a truly great co-op PVE game. Whilst the PVP is sadly lacking in variation, especially compared to most shooters, the actual combat is fast and fun when working with a decent team and there’s plenty of customization to your gear and warframes with the mod card upgrades.

  • IAMJohn: One of the better casual pick up and play games out there and an all-around fun shooter that benefits from short to mid length game times, though gives players the option to spend longer if they want to try and pick up secondary objectives or hunt out loot instead of making a beeline to the finishing post. The graphics are truly amazing, I managed to pick up Volt as one of the Warframes and the electricity attacks and special effects were quite simply breathtaking, watching lightning arc across the room to an enemy or pass along the rooms surfaces just made me feel awesome. The business model doesn’t seem too bad, players can steadily earn the premium Platinum currency each day or they can purchase it, so it’s more shortcuts than pay to win per se.

  • Kittypride: There’s lots of options with the number of classes/Warframes available and each of them seems to offer some pretty diverse options, though there were far too many for us to collect and try out ourselves as it takes a lot of time or a lot of Platinum (and Prime Access) to get the m all. Collecting schematics and card mods to upgrade gear was a pretty cool system for the most part, though it did feel like a bit of an endless circle trying to get resources that was very time consuming. The game was exciting and enjoyable, however I’m not a big shooter-girl so isn’t something I’d necessarily keep playing, but finding others to play with was extremely easy and pretty awesome when you’d find a group that had some good cohesion and communication.

  • Ballgon: In the war of the future the Tenno ancient warriors wake up from their hibernation to engaged in a war and face their biggest enemy yet… the grind. The same old slightly modified maps. The same old slightly modified missions. The same old PVP modes. The same old rinse and repeat mechanics that force you to grind level, gear, cash and upgrades endlessly is just too much to take, and the developers add further insult to injury by putting caps on stuff. Caps on Master points, caps on faction points, caps on Syndicate points (not that you can ever get a group to stay in a mission long enough to search them all out). So you have to grind the game constantly, but they put caps on so you have to grind for even longer as it’s their only way of tiering progression to keep people playing. Basically unless you are happy to sink time or money then stay away.

  • Tenebrae: Warframe isn’t really set up for being a roleplaying game, which is my preference when it comes to MMOs, however when grouped up with some friends over Teamspeak and taking on some of the PVE co-op elements to the game, the fast combat and immersive graphics did make us feel like a crack unit, giving orders and using strategy to overcome the enemy. Fun to play casually from time to time, I do think it would get a little boring after a short time (even for those players who don’t RP) due to the same maps that seem to come up.

  • Elijah: I’ve put in a good 100+ hours playing Warframe and let me tell you that what everyone says is pretty much true, whether it’s positive review praising it or negative review slamming it, with the odd conflicting opinion aside everything that people love and everything that people hate are probably true. On the one hand the game offers amazing graphics with action packed gameplay, on the other the maps are pretty tedious after a while and the AI gets all too familiar that it becomes predictable. The customization and different types of Warframes are impressive, but levelling and progression is slow and tedious. My biggest gripe is the paywall, it goes beyond “pay for convenience” and becomes “pay to skip the really boring parts of gameplay that you will have to suffer through unless you part with Platinum”. I don’t mind spending money on games, that’s where most of my extra cash goes, but I like to feel I’m buying something because I want it, not because I have to spend it in order to enjoy the game.

  • Your_Nemesis: I have a pretty divided opinion on the game, it feels like there’s this really wonderful title with great graphics, great gameplay, fun concept and in depth customization. However, there’s then layers and layers of crap piled on top of it such as grindy mechanics, monotonous progression, the same maps, and stuff that really hinder the game overall. The AI and constant lag makes it feel like you’re playing a game from 10 years ago, which only further adds to the frustration, frustrations that seem to grow the longer your play. The game is, however, free to play and it truly is a fun game, but it’s one that players would probably only want to pick up every so often, but in doing so they’ll never really progress anywhere without taking out their wallets.

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Well there you have it, our players have pitched in with their thoughts about Warframe, but what about you? Have you played the game, and if so what did you think, or if not why not? What do you think about what our players have had to say? Give us your feedback in the comments below!

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