Supremacy 1914 win 15 euros free items

Supremacy1914 free-to-play MMORPG
Supremacy 1914 win 15 euros free items - Supremacy 1914 - World-Cup Starter Pack Promotion

Bytro Labs GmbH and offer to the new users for Supremacy 1914 this giveaway, will start today at 12 am CET and finished next 24th June 2018, for the World Cup 2018.

The World Cup is already underway and we want you to lead your nation to victory and glory - not just on the soccer field but also on the battleground.

Play Supremacy 1914 now and make sure to claim your exclusive World-Cup starter pack for free. This gift will award you 15.000 Gold in-game-currency that you can utilize to get a head start in the game.

It is used in order to shorten building, recruitment times as well as you can boost you countries morale so your fans can cheer even louder and you have more quality time to watch the World Cup and to support your national team!

The starter pack will be awarded upon successful registration to Supremacy 1914. The promotion content is available for new players only.

Supremacy 1914 win 15 euros free items Supremacy 1914 win 15 euros free items

For all the users create a new account with our link will win these items;

- Content is 15.000 gold
- One month (31 days) premium account

The value of this pack for Supremacy1914 is 15 Euros.

Supremacy 1914 Free items Giveaway Supremacy 1914 Free items Giveaway

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Step 2. Head to Supremacy 1914 in order to create a new account. The pack will be credited after finishing the tutorial.

Supremacy 1914 free-to-play MMO RPG Supremacy 1914 free-to-play MMO RPG

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Free-to-play Browser MMORPG Supremacy 1914 Free-to-play Browser MMORPG Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 (from Bytro Labs), a free-to-play browser strategy MMO game where players control their own nation in a tactical bid for world conquest versus other real-world players. The title has been around for a while now and has spawned two other similar strategy titles due is popularity ― Call of War 1942 and Conflict of Nations (in cooperation with Dorado Games)―, which have many similar features, but for the most part, Supremacy is where it all began.

- Up to 500 playable nations and intelligent AI opponents
- Units move in real-time on a historic map
- Extensive province upgrading, resource trading, and diplomacy
- Unique spy features
- Ranking, badges, and more than 10,000 parallel rounds!

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