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  • Supremacy 1914 New Players Exclusive Giveaway
  •   Starting today, September 12, to September 20, we'll host a special giveaway for new players of Supremacy 1914. By simply signing up through THIS LINK (or by clicking on the "play" button), you'll receive 2 months of VIP status (premium) and 2,000 gold (premium currency. Just follow...
  • F2PMeter: Is Supremacy 1914 Truly Free to Play?
  • The next game facing our F2PMeter is Supremacy 1914, a free to play browser-based strategy MMO in which players control a real world nation at the early days of the events leading to WW1, albeit this time they can reshape those events and history itself. Working alongside and against other...
  • Supremacy 1914
  • By: David Puig Rojas Supremacy 1914 is a grand strategy browser game developed by Bitro Labs UG and set mainly in Europe during the first part of the XX century. You will be the leader of a warring nation and your duty is to dominate the map with cunning strategies and wise diplomacy. The...


4 Comments - "Supremacy 1914"

  1. Johne761 28/04/2014 at 15:03 -

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  2. LeSwamp 19/08/2014 at 01:31 -

    Good game. Too bad they decided to get rid of Java for HTML5.

    The HTML5 version has a lot of bugs :

    1. the number of unread messages never goes down, only up, even after you have reviewed everything multiple times.

    2. Sometimes, clicking on an ennemy unit or group of units will select a completely different stack, again and again, even after reloading the page multiple times.

    3. Sometimes a unit or stack of units will simply ig nore your orders…

    4. Still some older players (in terms of playing the game for a longer time) are still able to play the Java version of the game. And when you talk about the HTML5 bugs, they just tell you : Oh, I don’t have these problems, I use the Java version!

    The Java game that earned a prize in 2009 is gone… The new HTML5 version still has several bugs.

  3. Bob Flintrock 15/02/2015 at 06:05 -

    Addictive game, and could be great, but loaded to the gills with things that make it not great
    1. Distance to the Capital has a serious downward effect on moral, and it’s calculated in days (real-time) and it takes almost 4 days for troops from Japan to even reach Manila, Philippines, so captured cities in that region will never be happy.
    2. Neighbors is also a bad thing (who cares, it’s a War Game).
    3. Resource costs are prohibitive, also calculated to make you spend cash.
    4. And finally, if you don’t spend cash, you will never see some of the best units !

  4. lolik 21/09/2017 at 17:30 -

    If you like to spend months fighting with enemy and in the end lose if you do not spend real money ,cos some1 just buy victory. This game is for you