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  • Supremacy 1914 The Great War update
  • Supremacy 1914 The Great War update Good news from Bytro Labs Supremacy 1914 has received a fresh look with new game assets and a state of the art rendering engine with the introduction of WebGL technology - making the game perform much better and smoother and giving it an overall new look...
  • First Impressions on Supremacy 1914
  • First Impressions on Supremacy 1914   Last week we played Supremacy 1914 (from Bytro Labs), a free to play browser strategy game where players control their own nation in a tactical bid for world conquest versus other real world players. The title has been around for a while now...
  • Supremacy 1914 New Players Exclusive Giveaway
  •   Starting today, September 12, to September 20, we'll host a special giveaway for new players of Supremacy 1914. By simply signing up through THIS LINK (or by clicking on the "play" button), you'll receive 2 months of VIP status (premium) and 2,000 gold (premium currency. Just follow...


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