Specters of the Rail Update Now Available in Warframe

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Specters of the Rail Update Now Available in Warframe


Warframe has received a major content update introducing a fully resdesigned Star Chart system, a facelift for the Market, pet companions, and a new Archwing experience. Dubbed Specters of the Rail, the content update has been released along with a new trailer that you can watch below.

This content update adds ferocious space cats as companions. These animals come with their very own armor and mods, and there are two different breeds (each one with its set of perks): Adarza and Smeeta. The first features increased critical chance for short durations and the possibility to reflect damage; the second can project an image of itself and provides squad members with good fortune.

The new Star Chart system takes back to the early UI in Warframe, making easier to traverse the Origin System. Players can embark on quest to re-activate the links between Planets. Additionally, the Archwing gets a huge overhauled flight system, and introduces a new support class and new game modes.

This update will come soon to the console version of Warframe, which has just released the Lunaro update.

Check out the trailer now:

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