SMITE: The Good & The Bad

SMITE: The Good & The Bad
SMITE is a unique third person MOBA where players take on the role of might deities from various world pantheons and mythologies and religions, using their own powers and abilities and fighting across a variety of maps and modes. Completely free to play, we check out the Good & Bad of one of the most original MOBA games out there and see if it is truly the “Playground of the Gods”.

The Good

  • Third Person Camera - A 3rd Person camera viewpoint makes a unique experience mixing Third Person Shooter with the MOBA genre

  • 5 Game Modes - The game features five game modes: Arena, Assault, Conquest, Joust and Siege, each with their own map and mini objectives

  • Fortnightly Updates - The developers add new content every 2 weeks including new skins, icons, bundles, etc.

  • 69 Gods and Counting - Smite sees a new deity added to the game every month, making the total number of player characters stand at a whopping 69 Gods and Goddesses

  • Power Scaling - As you level you feel more powerful, minions become less of a threat and/or important to the game whereas the players become more pivotal to winning

  • Skillshots - The vast majority of skills and abilities require aiming and so count as being a skillshot, increasing the tactics and complexity of combat compared to other MOBA

The Bad

  • Only 1 Conquest Map - Whilst each mode has its own configured map, Conquest is the primary game mode that people want to play and having to play on the same map all the time gets a little tedious

  • No Jesus - The developers avoided Jesus / God / Yahweh due to the potential upset it may cause, which is quite hypocritical given that it appears to be fine to have deities from other worshipped religions in the game (particularly Hindu)

  • Joust - The games Gods are balanced for 5 v 5 teammatches and so certain characters are far too powerful in a 1 v 1 Joust match making them almost guaranteed picks, which makes the mode kind of pointless

  • Bad Matchmaking - An ongoing headache... being teamed up with people below your skill level, or against teams way above it

  • Technical Skill Curve - As most attacks are skillshots that require aiming it means that the skill curve is a little steeper for some players who may fine it off putting

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